Dvorak Enhanced IR Guide

The following graphics are the standard Dvorak Flowcharts used at AFWA 
(These are enhanced versions of the original flowcharts developed by Vernon Dvorak, 1984):
  Dvorak Enhanced Infrared Analysis Flowchart
  Enlarged Dvorak Enhanced Infrared Analysis  Flowchart
   Current Intensity/ Wind Speed Relationship
Step - By - Step Guide:
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The individual Dvorak Steps (for the ENHANCED
INFRARED Method) are described in detail here:

          Step 1: Find Cloud System Center (CSC)
          Step 2: 
          Select proper cloud pattern:
Step 2A:  Curved Band Method
Step 2B:  Shear Method
Step 2C : EIR Eye Method
Step 2E : Embedded Center
          Step 3: Central Cold Cover (CCC)
          Step 4: 24 Hour Trend (D, S, W)
          Step 5: Model Expected  T # (MET)
          Step 6: Pattern T#
          Step 7: Final T# determination
          Step 8: Dvorak Constraints
          Step 9: Current Intensity (CI) number
          Step 10: 24 Hour Trend Forecast
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