Example Quiz #4: Statistics - Math 340

This quiz has been retired.  It is not being used for the internet version of Math 340 anymore.


   This is test has multiple choice, True/False, and fill in the blank answers.  Select the option
 that BEST represents the correct answer. 

   RECOMMENDATION:  Put your answers in a Word Document and INCLUDE AN 
   EXPLANATION OF ALL YOUR CALCULATIONS.  I will give partial credit if you were 
   doing a math problem the right way but made a silly error (we all do this - myself included!) 


  The bare minimum requirement is to send me an email with your answers by October 4, 1999. 

   If there are any questions, contact me immediately! 



1.  Which of the following is not one of the properties of the Normal Distribution?

a.  It is bell-shaped
b.  It is symmetrical about the mean
c.  It is bimodal
d.  The curve is continuous



2.  The z-value is actually just the number of standard deviations that a particular X-value is away from the mean.

TRUE                               FALSE


Use the tables in Appendix C to answer the following questions:

3.  Find the area between z = 1.2 and z = 2.4




4.  Find the area between z = -0.6 and z = -1.9




5.  Find the area to the right of z = -1.68




6.  Find the area to the left of -2.21




7.  The average hourly wage of workers at a fast-food restaurant is $5.85 with a standard deviation of $0.35.  Assume that the distribution is normally distributed.  If a worker at this restaurant is selected at random, what is the probability that the worker makes more than $6.50 an hour? 


a.  0.4686
b.  0.0314
c.  0.8312
d.  0.9686


8.  At the same restaurant, what is the probability that a worker, selected at random, will make less than $5.50 an hour? 

a.  0.8495
b.  0.0212
c.  0.2296
d.  0.1587