Example Quiz #2   Statistics - Math340

This quiz has been retired.  It is not being used for the internet version of Math 340 anymore.



 This is test has multiple choice, True/False, and fill in the blank answers.  Select the option that
 BEST represents the correct answer. 

 RECOMMENDATION:  Put your answers in a Word Document and INCLUDE AN
 EXPLANATION OF ALL YOUR CALCULATIONS.  I will give partial credit if you were
 doing a math problem the right way but made a silly error (we all do this - myself included!) 

The bare minimum requirement is to send me an email with your answers by September 15, 1999. 

 If there are any questions, contact me immediately!


1.  A salesperson can travel from Los Angeles to Chicago by bus, plane, or car, and from Chicago to Cleveland by train or plane.  Using a tree diagram, there would be 6 possible ways to travel from Los Angeles to Cleveland.

True   False



2.  A teenager has 8 shirts, 2 belts, 4 pairs of jeans, and 3 pairs of sneakers.  How many different outfits can he wear, assuming he wears one of each type of clothing for each outfit?

a.  17
b.  96
c.  192
d.  80


3.  If a coin is tossed five times, how many possible outcomes can there be? (HINT! BE CAREFUL!!!!! USE THE RULE WE LEARNED IN CHAPTER 4! Apply the easy equation!)

a.  32
b.  5
c.  24
d.  10

This could be a tricky one! 


4.  A nurse has 6 patients to visit.  How many different ways can she make her rounds if she visits each patient only once?

a.  360
b.  21
c.  720
d.  60


5.  How many different ways can a researcher select 3 mice from his available 18 mice to assign to today’s tests? The researcher is trying to keep track of the proper order in which we selects the mice (HINT, HINT!!!)

a.  5832
b.  4896
c.  918
d.  2448


6. How many different permutations of the letters in the word “repelled” are there? (In other works, if you took one letter “r”,three letter “e”s, one letter “p”, two letter “l”s, and ne “d”, how many different ways could you rearrange them?  )

a.  3360
b.  6720
c.  336
d.  1680


7.  How many combinations of 7 objects are there, taken 4 at a time?  (REMEMBER – I want the number  of COMBINATIONS – HINT, HINT!!!)

a.  840
b.  27
c.  35
d.  2401


8.  A committee of 6 people must be selected from 9 men and 8 women.  If there are to be 3 men and 3 women on the committee, how many ways can this be done?

a.  1681
b.  5255
c.  2198
d. 4704